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softening the look of vertical blinds

March 18

Restricted by budget and condo board restrictions, many condo owners resort to vertical blinds as a window treatment solution. Although I personally find these some of the most offensive of covering options, I do admit that they can serve an excellent functional purpose. And I also admit that my windows are indeed covered by these eyesores.

When I moved into my condo over five years ago, I had no funds to replace the blinds. However, I am a frugal designer anyway. I also take a green perspective in design decisions as much as possible, and I would have trouble justifying replacing these blinds when they do their job. And truly, vertical blinds are flexible in their function – fairly good at blocking light when fully closed and, when adjusted just so, they also block the bright direct sunlight my unit receives from its south-west exposure without fully blocking out the view. However, they are still ugly. So to soften the harsh lines of the vanes I hung inexpensive Ikea Lill sheer curtains on  Ikea Raan shower curtain rods (held in place by friction – no tools, no screws!). The effect almost makes the vanes of the blinds disappear, so much so that visitors  often do not realize that they are vertical blinds. I plan to add to some fixed side panels in the future to further soften and finish the look.

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  1. Susan Cook permalink
    April 15 12:11 pm

    Great idea – I too despise the vertical blinds and was surprised that you had some. BUT, great solution – they are hardly noticable by those soft sheers 🙂 Keep up the blogs – I love them.

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