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scratch applesauce

March 21

Those who know me know I am an adventuresome sort – when it comes to food.  I love to try new foods and dishes, often exotic or out of the norm, out at a restaurant or cooking at home. Applesauce is likely one of the most basic of foods one can eat, but I had surprisingly never tried cooking it myself until recently.

I have a bit of an odd food issue where amongst other fruits I’m allergic to raw apples.  My dad, although not an extensive cook (my mom’s the reigning queen), has become quite good at making applesauce from scratch. The ease in making his awesome tasting treat is using a retro conical sieve/colander and pestle.  Last year my mom picked one up for me for a couple of dollars at a church rummage sale. And I’ve finally just attempted to make my own sauce.

Scratch applesauce is quite simple, really, especially when using a sieve.  Just quarter some apples (no need to peel or core them as that will be taken care of by the sieve – although I didn’t know you needn’t core them until after this first attempt) and simmer in a large pot with a bit of water in until soft.

Transfer the cooked apple sections to the colander placed over a bowl, and with a good amount of elbow grease press the flesh through the holes with the wooden pestle. (If you don’t have a conical sieve and pestle, you can try using a standard colander and press the flesh through the holes with a wooden spoon.) No sugar necessary for the final product, but I did sprinkle some cinnamon into the finished sauce. I used some Gala apples I had left in the fridge (about eight or so, which made a couple of cups of sauce) which were a little bland. Dad tells me to try Spy apples next time. Will do!

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  1. Natalie Humphreys permalink
    April 7 12:26 pm

    I love the pink colour created when you don’t peel the apples! Your sieve is very interesting…I’ve never seen one with a stand. Where did you find it?

  2. April 8 11:48 am

    Well we were lucky enough to find this sieve at a church sale. You might get lucky at a rummage sale or the Goodwill or such. Or search online, like this as an example

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