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Easter food and frills

April 2
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It is mid-Good Friday morning and I’ve already baked a flourless chocolate cake for a dinner party I’m hosting this evening for some high school friends and to celebrate one friend’s 40th birthday. I will post more on the recipes for the dinner at another time, but I thought I’d take a break between baking and house cleaning to bid everyone a Happy Easter weekend. I also took a moment to have a yummy breakfast of Scottish Breakfast Tea, fresh strawberries, and a couple of slices of toasted Paska (Slovak Easter bread) that my mom baked – wheat-free!  She and I try to avoid wheat as much as possible due to sensitivties and being the wonderful cook / baker that she is, she has adeptly adapted many a recipe including making Paska from spelt flour. The texture is spot on and the taste is delicious – thanks Mom!

As I prepare the details for the dinner party, I’ve cobbled together a bit of a festive Easter / spring centrepiece. The low, long ceramic vase I bought at a church sale last year for $2 (marked as Made in Czechoslovakia – nice nod to the ancestral homeland). The faux eggs were $4.99 / dozen at Winners. The pussy willows, stabilized with some sand in the bottom of the vessel, I picked up at the St Lawrence Market two weeks ago for $5 (no water needed, they’ll keep for weeks). And the Steiff chick is a keep-sake from childhood.

Now off to try my new Electrolux vacuum…

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