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craigslist image previewer

April 11

The other day I was speaking with a friend about how we both love Craigslist, but how slow it can be to search for a special something when you have to click through on each listing to see the photos. So I told her about this fabulous and free plug-in for the Mozilla’s Firefox web browser that allows the user to preview search result images.  It is straightforward to install and works well on both Macs and PCs. And yes, for my fellow Canadians, this plug-in works for  With Firefox loaded on your computer, click the install button on the Craigslist Image Preview 2 for Greasemonkey page and follow the directions. Once running, your Craigslist search results will look like this…photos (when available for a posting) will show in your search listing. Hovering over a particular picture with your mouse will enlarge the photo – right in the search results page – saving precious time and getting you to your find that much faster.

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  1. April 24 1:09 am

    Not sure if it’s something I did, but all the pictures came in doubles. I’ve uninstalled it for now. Perhaps I have to find another Firefox add-on. Thanks for the idea though, it definitely makes the Craigslist searches quicker.


  1. update: craigslist image previewer « saf affect

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