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statuary as still life

April 29

Most often my choice of travel destinations is driven by my love of old architecture. Along the way on my journeys I have also admired many a statue found in elaborate gardens of royal palaces, embellishing fountains and public monuments, or adorning historic buildings. The first statuary photo I ever took was at the Place d’Armes Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve fountain (the founder of Montreal, QC) in front of Notre Dame Cathedral while visiting the city with a few girlfriends on spring break in grade 13. While experiencing the Montreal day and night life I managed to fit in some black and white photographic studies for my art class homework. On a more recent visit I once again captured the intense gaze of Lambert Closse, the commander of the garrison of Ville Marie, which first caught my attention so many years ago. Here are a few other photos I’ve taken on other travels of late…the angel is from Ponte Sant’Angelo in Rome; the cherubs from the gardens of Versailles; the fountain from Paris in Place de la Concorde; the lion from the Houses of Parliament  in London; the urn and pigeons from New York.

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  1. nonphotogenics permalink
    April 29 8:39 am

    Honestly fabulous shots! I love statues. My favourite of all times is just outside l’Universite de Paris 6. It’s a statue of a lion pacing and looking down, but the fun part it that if you look closely you’ll realize that there is a foot in the vicinity of his paw!

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