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not the lemonade stand of my youth

May 31

I spent a lovely sunny and warm late spring day yesterday visiting a number of venues for Doors Open Toronto while wandering around Toronto on my bike for the first time this season. At the end of the day my wandering took to Kensington Market where I happened upon Pedestrian Sunday, the first of the year, where no vehicular traffic is allowed. Given the awesome weather, the streets were packed with strollers, shoppers, and street performers. And it seemed all merchants were there at the ready to sell to the crowds.

Including 11 year old Christian, who is a little more industrious at making money than simply setting up a classic lemonade stand.  As I passed by this young entrepreneur his sign caught my eye – rather than peddling some syrupy and sour thirst quencher, he was applying his youthful talent to the art of portraiture. From his samples so keenly displayed I knew that I wasn’t going to be buying a portrait from a soon-to-be-discovered young master, but his concept and his sign were engaging enough to make me pony up the toonie and sit for a portrait (fortunately he approved that I was indeed a pretty people). Young Christian might not be a full-fledged artist yet, but his love for drawing, resourcefulness, and creativity in his marketing message will take him far.

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  1. Dan Murphy permalink
    June 1 12:10 pm

    That is a stunning likeness of you – you should really make it your new profile picture!

  2. June 3 8:41 am

    “I only draw pretty people” – quite an effective slogan, I think 🙂 And he’s a smart one too… why charge $0.50 for a cup of lemonade when you can make $2.00 for a portrait? Genius!

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