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retro spotting: fonts and signs

June 19

Fonts have long held an interest for me. Years ago when working at an ad agency, I designed presentation centres for new houses and condominiums which  included designing the floorplan presentation boards and  signage that hung in the centres, which involved selecting appropriate font styles. I would find myself happily sorting through hundreds of fonts until I found just the right one. Even now as a marketer, for me selecting the appropriate font for a particular presentation and report is key.

With this love of fonts, I often pique to beautiful examples in everyday life. This collection of retro signs was spotted in and around Toronto. Although each sign was clearly installed many decades ago, the fonts used maintain a simple and ageless quality.

Accurate Machine and Tool Ltd., a company which was started in 1939, is on Wilson Ave. in the north-end of Toronto.

Hudson Plumbing began its operations at this location on Mount Pleasant Ave. in Toronto in 1930.

I spotted this ‘visitor parking’ sign on a rather derelict looking  industrial building on Commissioners St. in the docklands area.

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  1. Dan Murphy permalink
    June 22 11:08 am

    Nice blog!!! – I love the Bauhaus looking “Accurate Machine & Tool” best

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