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thrifty in ajax

July 5

Growing up in the west end of Toronto I was through and through a  west-end girl. It was rare that I would ever stray east of Yonge St. Why should I? The Eaton Centre is on the west side of Yonge, that was as far I needed to go as a teen. It just seems to be the way in Toronto for along with my west-end friends who share my observation, I’ve met many a person who grew up in the east end and said the same thing about venturing west of Yonge. But in my adult years I’m pleased to say I’ve become more adventuresome in the east, especially since some family now live in the 905 area code, east of Toronto. And a family visit this past Saturday found me driving over the Rouge River past Pickering into Ajax where I’ve recently learned there is a lot of thriftiness and frugality to be had, all in one fairly compact area.

This thrifty jaunt proved prosperous. I picked up a Backman teak tray made in Finland at the Goodwill for $2.99. At the Salvation Army I found four low-balls, that will go nicely with my collection of retro Federal Glass Amoeba Boomerang pattern glasses, for 49 cents each. I also found depression glass Manhattan pattern candle holders, also at the Sally Ann, for only $1.98 a pair – I’ve seen these at antique shops  for $15 to $20 a pair. Although I have a pair already (amongst my collection of platters, b & b plates, a vase and a few bowls) I think four down the length of the dinner table lit with short taper candles will be quite lovely.

Goodwill – 250 Bayly St.

LW (Liquidation World) – 282 Monarch Ave.

Salvation Army – 282 Monarch Ave.

Value Village – 155 Harwood Ave. N.

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  1. Susan McEwen permalink
    July 5 8:02 am

    I would love to go thrift shopping with you sometime!

  2. July 12 10:02 am

    Good haul, Susan! I agree, the little square glass holders will look fab lined up on your gorgeous table.

  3. September 17 5:24 pm

    I REALLLLLY miss Value Village…

    • September 21 3:24 pm

      Value Village is definitely a good source for thrift finds. I miss visiting all of the little charity shops on the high streets in England and Scotland. Not as huge as VV but they can afford some good finds.

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