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‘feather’ bed fondness

August 4

Just a quick post on a definite saf affect – the affection I have for my ‘feather’ bed. I spent the civic holiday weekend (Simcoe Day here in Ontario) up at a friend’s cottage. The actual cottage is a quaint two bedroom, 1940s clapboard retreat that is welcoming but not large enough to sleep the dozen or so friends who congregate on the this weekend every year. To accommodate all, a ‘tent city’ sprouts up in the yard.

Although I like my creature comforts, I’m by no means a softy and am open to sleeping in a tent. However, I think that three nights sleeping outdoors on an air mattress is mostly tolerable because I look forward to returning home and sleeping in my 400-thread-count clad bed, recently made even more luxurious with the addition of a synthetic mattress topper or ‘feather’ bed. Don’t give up on an older mattress – add one of these treats (I picked my queen-sized one up at  Homesense for $59.99), and you’ll be sleeping pretty too.

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