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DIY: home name sign

August 17

My mother has also travelled a number of times to England and been taken with the tradition of naming homes there, as I have. She has always thought it a romantic notion to name their own home. After a bit of name bantering about,  ‘Idyllwood’ was settled upon for their Toronto 1928 Tudor-influenced house set on the edge of a dense, wooded ravine.

I began investigating materials options for their sign, thinking that I would arrange to have it made for them. However, after discovering that simple carved wood and painted signs were a little steeply priced, I decided to put one together on my own. I emailed a file of the word in the font and scale my mother liked to a local print and sign business, i COPY express. After a visit to the shop to select a forest green vinyl from their stock, they cut the peel and stick transfer letters as I waited, which cost less than $20.  Many homeowners also use these vinyl cut letters to mark their house number and street name.

I found it was an easy task that took moments to lay out onto a wooden plaque, painted with the same cream coloured oil paint as on the trim of my parents’ home. Once positioned, I simply peeled away the backing and burnished the letters into place. Installed on their rose pergola at the entrance to their back garden, the sign now introduces by name the romantic, relaxing scene beyond.

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  1. Dianne permalink
    August 28 8:49 am

    I’m liking. I think that is a great name for your parents house. Its been some time since I’ve been there but the gardens look fantastic

  2. Stella permalink
    September 25 10:11 am

    How lovely! I remember our hours of play in your backyard many (many!) years ago!

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