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plastic bag origami

November 28

It’s funny how in stressful times one can find comfort in the most insignificant of activities. A couple of weeks ago  I caught a segment about kitchen organization on the Steven & Chris show on CBC and was particularly intrigued by the lesson in plastic bag folding that organizes a generally unruly storage situation. I’m an organized sort, yet not extremely fastidious, as evidenced by the spillage of errant bags at the back of my kitchen drawers. Now, however, by employing a simple folding technique to create a little folded triangular packet from each bag, these formerly jumbled nuisances are now proudly displayed on top of my fridge. Warning: this origami-like regimen can be addictive in a soothing sort of way.

Lay a bag out flat on a hard surface with the closed end to your left. Fold over twice lengthwise and smooth out any trapped air. Starting from the closed end, fold the top left corner down to touch the long folded side.

Continue these alternate folds to the open end of the bag and you are left with a tiny triangle.  Tuck any remaining bits into the ‘pocket’ created by the last fold.

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  1. Bob Yewchuk permalink
    January 20 1:04 pm

    Hi Susan. I like this blog entry and I’m now doing this myself to save space under my sink. I also showed the technique to my mom and my nephew.

    • January 20 1:26 pm

      Thanks for your note, Bob. I’m glad this tip is helpful to you and your family. I know it has certainly brought order to my kitchen. 🙂

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