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cinnamon star cookies

December 5

With Christmas only three weeks away I thought I better get my baking in gear. Emilija over at the HomeSlice provided an added motivator this year, inviting me to participate as a guest blogger in The Twelve Days of Cookies – a series of guest posts featuring some fabulous holiday recipes.

This retro 1950s recipe for cinnamon star cookies is my absolute favourite Christmas cookie. I’m a fiend for cinnamon and each time I bite into one of these cookies, fond memories of childhood Christmases are conjured. My mother made these every year, poking a hole in some to hang on the tree, simply decorated with silver balls, and deliciously decorating the rest with butter-cream icing in festive colours.

This year I went with simple, subtle embellishments of silver balls and clear, coarse sugar, creating a rustic and delicious effect. Regardless of the decoration, these cookies are a sweet treat of Christmas.

Here’s the recipe…

cinnamon stars


  • I’m all about the cinnamon so I omitted the nutmeg, ground cloves, and the chopped walnuts, just as Mom always did.
  • The recipe instructs to bake the cookies for 12 to 14 minutes; however, ovens of 50 years ago had much less insulation than modern appliances and often operated cooler. I baked this batch for 8 minutes, or until they just started to turn ever so lightly brown. Over-baking will result in quite hard and tough-to-eat cookies.


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