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silver wreaths

December 19

After Christmas last year, in the post-Boxing Day sales, I finally found a wreath for my front door that makes me happy. I picked it up at less than half-off well after all of the other Christmas decorations had been sufficiently picked through. I spotted this plump, retro, bottle-brush silver wreath in a window display at an east-end Toronto Home Depot. I couldn’t find any left on the shelves so I popped into the window and plucked it from the display, and was happy to pay the $8 on-sale price for a wreath that makes me happy. Doesn’t take much.

I may have ended up with a different retro-looking silver wreath for my front door if Tidy’s Flowers had lowered their prices to less than 35% off in their post-Christmas decoration clearance after last Christmas. But as luck would have it, they still have some of last year’s inventory on hand, and last week I picked up these three, equally retro silver wreaths at a 65% discount or about $3 a piece. They add a welcoming element to my entry hall, hanging on black and white architectural photos from my European travels.

And apparently a love of silver wreaths is shared by my neighbours…here are a couple found on the doors of other suites on my floor. Such pretty festive frills.

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  1. GLB permalink
    December 19 6:43 pm

    Those wreaths look great in front of the photos!


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