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resolving to try & make some resolutions

January 9

How’s that headline for commitment? I figure blogging about some potential resolutions is one step towards achieving them. So here’s a list of some design * cuisine * travel * life aspirations  that I’d like to accomplish or experience this year. Even after typing this list I know it is dynamic, not set in stone. But isn’t that what life is all about – it’s what happens when you’re busy planning?

* design *

* Funny how easy it is to ignore an element in one’s decor as time passes. Recently I finally paid attention to the dated, builder’s original track light in my kitchen that is completely inadequate. I’m thinking of installing a contemporary semi-flush glass drum fixture, something like this…

* I’d also like to utilize an underutilized light junction box just in front of my sink peninsula. It’s supposed to be for the dining area but I’ve moved that to my den so I’d love to make a swagging 3-light pendant like this to shed much needed light on my prep area. And this project will be made easier through instructions from Scott who created such a fixture, that I spied in their DIY bookcase feature on styleNorth.

* Likewise, I mostly ignore the original grey broadloom in my condo, mostly because I don’t actually hate it and to replace carpet is not so green when it is in decent shape. And I do love walking barefoot on carpet, it’s so comfy. But I think I need to start investigating costs for replacing it with hardwood – or maybe bamboo or cork?

* I need to resolve the blank walls in my bathrooms that have been that way since I finally painted them three years ago. Maybe some art, some additional storage solutions?

* I would also like to update my fireplace surround. I had the fleeting idea to clad it in reclaimed wood laths but I’ve not been able to find a source. Is anyone tearing out a lath and plaster wall? I’m inspired by the effect achieved on this wall as posted on House & Home.


* Not much to resolve here as I’m already an adventuresome eater but maybe this is the year I try frogs legs? Not a stretch I know, but I am someone who loves beef tendon, so there. Don’t knock it until you try it in some Vietnamese pho. Mmmmm.

* Macarons are my favourite sweet treat. I think I should go on a mission to find the best macarons in Toronto, or maybe attempt to make them myself? Daring. If I do dare, I will closely study the lessons learned in macaron making by Casarecce and Not So Humble Pie.

* I want to get into the routine of more regularly using the spiffy stainless steel Crockpot I picked up at Target before the holidays for only $15 US, reducing my energy use, increasing my free time, and increasing the number of home-cooked meals I eat. A Year of Slowcooking always offers inspiring recipes. also has a good slow cooker section.


* Again, not much too resolve as I rarely take time off without travelling somewhere. I’m purposely frugal in so many other areas of my life so I will always be able to travel. What trips are on this year’s horizon? Maybe a beach vacation, given the stressful fall I had. Europe is usually a yearly venture – perhaps a place I’ve not yet visited – Ireland? Portugal? Greece? Scandinavia?

* Closer to home, I’ve never been to Pelee Island, the southern most populated place in Canada. That should be doable, only a few hours from Toronto.

* Even closer to home, I’ve always wanted to visit the R.S. McLaughlin Parkwood Estate, a national historic site in Oshawa, ON.  Parkwood, once home to auto baron R. Samuel McLaughlin (founder of General Motors of Canada), is one of Canada’s finest and last remaining grand estates, featuring architectural, landscape and interior designs of the 1920s and 1930s.  Perhaps this is the year.

* I’ve been in 41 of the US States. Perhaps I could check off another this year? Surprisingly I’ve been in all of the States in the north-east except for Maine. That would make a nice road trip. The ocean, seafood, antiquing, and outlet shopping. When I do start planning a Maine trip I’ll be sure to reference a couple of posts from fellow bloggers Lindsay Boman as seen on styleNorth (of fine things & big dreams) and Michael Penney over at  House & Home.

And for some resolutions that are really ongoing personal credos…


* Live my true north.

* Love and be loved.

* Be happy.

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  1. Susan St-Pierre permalink
    January 9 8:49 am

    Susan – love this post and the thoughtful and realistic resolutions you have outlined for yourself. Also love the link to the Slow Cooker sites – I will definitely be checking these out. The changes you are contemplating for your place sound fantastic!

    • January 10 9:03 am

      Thank you, Susan. Seeing my resolutions in print will help to keep me motivated – and with a little help from my friends… 😉

  2. January 10 12:52 pm

    Hi Susan,
    I feel the same way about posting resolutions on my blog. Once it’s out there, I feel obligated to get it done or everyone will see that I don’t have follow through. This year I’m determined to complete a project I posted about in January 2009!!
    Enjoy your quest to reach your goals in 2011.
    ~Pam @ Cherish Toronto

  3. Stella permalink
    January 17 8:29 pm

    LOVE your condo!! I have amazing brisket & pork butt recipes for the slow cooker, if you ever would like them!!

    • January 18 9:00 am

      Thanks…but those are pics of elements I may add. I should be so lucky if my place looked that already. 😉 Mmmmm. Brisket. Yes, please send me those recipes!


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