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elements & principles of design at IDS11

January 30

All the buzz in the interior design community in Toronto this weekend is about the 2011 Interior Design Show – IDS11 that wraps up today at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I spent a good three hours wandering the show floor at the trade day on Friday, and while I came across some innovative and beautiful products (which I’ll write more about later) what held my attention was some wonderfully designed booths through the use of the elements and principles of design.

The joint Style at Home and Home Hardware’s Beauti-Tone Paint booth was a feast for the eyes incorporating a bold use of many elements and principles of design including colour, line, emphasis, pattern, variety and more. Especially clever was the use of repetition in the paint bucket ‘chandelier’.

IKEA’s booth profiled a rather dark but sophisticated kitchen, topped with the repetition of various forms of light paper shade pendant lights.

When visiting Vancouver I always make a point of stopping by 18 Karat’s only stand alone retail location. I hopefully enquired to see if they would be opening a similar store in Toronto, and while the answer was no, I was pleased to learn that Casalife is now carrying their complete line.

This eye-catching display of repeated vases and flowers drew show attendees into the booth.

And this clever use of their catalogue in repetition, which turns the booklets into a textural display, holds the attention of visitors.

I’m quite captivated by the texture and linear design that old laths from lath and plaster walls create, leading to my thought of cladding my fireplace wall in these slats. This coffee table from The Carroll Street Woodworkers using reclaimed lath presents  line, texture, form, and space, creating an interesting yet functional piece.

The standardized simple white booths of the Studio North section of the show where CSW was located meant that the product itself  became the booth design, and further elements and principles of design are captured in the use of wood off-cuts to create a stunning wall piece.

This elegant concrete outdoor fire basin display by Costelloe & Company features multiple textures, lines, and shape from the pebbles, to the stylized reeds to the flame itself.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. January 30 8:28 pm

    we have similar tastes!! I also blogged about the show and included the hanging vases with tulips.
    What an awesome show.

    • January 30 8:43 pm

      Look at that – you did too! It was really eye-catching display. Awesome show indeed.

  2. January 31 3:43 pm

    I loooove that outdoor fire basin!

    I thought that the IKEA kitchen was absolutely stunning… now if I had ceilings that high…

    • January 31 10:09 pm

      The IKEA kitchen seemed to be a new direction for them…dark and sturdy, topped by those light and airy pendant lights – real impact!

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