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February 6

Last weekend’s IDS 11 in Toronto was a huge draw for the design community and those looking to feather their nests, profiling a lot of products that are not only beautiful but ingeniously functional too. Like Jenn-Air’s line of major kitchen appliances. However, what grabbed me first weren’t the products themselves, but rather how they were presented in the booth. Gone are the days of the old ‘home show’ with fridges, and stoves, and dishwashers all lined up as if at a suburban big-box store – thank goodness. And yet the booth wasn’t a literal transportation of a homey kitchen recreated in a rambling exhibit hall.

Jenn-Air showcase designers and spokespeople Alexandre Blazys and Benoit Gérard of blazysgérard (named as one of the top twenty “ones to watch” by Canadian House and Home Magazine), were on hand and gave me a personal tour of the booth. The space was invitingly open on all sides, simply laid out and finished, allowing for ease of wandering about while being able to visualize the appliances as they would function at home.

And function they do – from under counter vented ductless downdraft cook tops that eliminate the need to place the appliance on an outside wall or for the installation of often unsightly bulkheads, to wall ovens with a glass-touch colour screen that provides an interactive, menudriven Culinary Center that helps cooks achieve perfect results by considering a range of details such as the food category, food type, desired doneness and even the type of pan to use.

And although the oh-so-popular standard stainless steel finish is still available, Jenn-Air also offers a warmer an Oiled Bronze, an exclusive rich, burnished  finish that has the versatility to pair with warm colour palettes and modern neutrals, proving particularly popular with the baby boomers, who don’t always want the slickness of stainless.

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  1. February 6 8:12 am

    An oiled bronze fridge? Want.It. Now. (Having used all oiled bronze in my apartment, for doorknobs and all bathroom fixtures.) Surprising it took so long to get there, though.

    • February 6 8:41 am

      My thoughts exactly. Stainless steel is beautiful, but it’s too cool to fit in all settings…

  2. February 6 6:13 pm

    I blogged about the BOILED BRONZE oven too!!
    Maybe I didnt hear her correctly.

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