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cozy, hot tea

February 23

I’m a tea drinker who likes my hot tea, well, hot. As my glass tea pot holds no heat,  I made a felted wool tea cozy that provides a much better insulating value than clear, thin glass offers. Although I wish I was, I’m not a sewer, often preferring glue guns, tacky fabric glue, and iron-on hem tape to put my crafty projects together. I whipped up this no-sew piece quite swiftly and my tea is now definitely cozy.

For this project, I picked up a 100% wool sweater at a thrift shop for only a few dollars. It must be 100% wool as the ‘felting’ of the fibers is only achievable if there is no blend of other fibers in the garment. Read more for the directions.

felted wool tea cozy

For this project you’ll need…

* 100% wool sweater

* washing machine and dryer

* measuring tape

* sewing pins

* marker

* scissors

* iron on hem tape

* iron

* pressing cloth

  1. Wash the sweater in a washing machine in HOT water with a small amount of detergent. I only needed to wash mine once as when I bought it from the Salvation Army the previous owner evidently, and likely inadvertently, shrunk it to some extent already, but you may need to wash it a second time. Once washed, dry the sweater completely on the hot setting in the dryer.
  2. Measure around the base of your teapot and the height (accounting for clearance for the spout, handle and lid), adding a bit of excess (I added about 1″ to the height and 1″ to half the circumference of the base).
  3. Turn the sweater inside out, align the bottom edges of the front and back of the garment, and pin in place.
  4. Measure the length of half the circumference of the pot along the bottom of the sweater, marking the measurement with pins – this will place the ribbing along the bottom of the cozy, adding a nice feature. Measure the centre of that length and then measure the height perpendicular from that point and mark with a pin.
  5. Draw a semi-circle from end to end of piece. I used a tray the exact size I needed as a guide, starting from the top of the ribbing.
  6. Unpin the design and place the wrong sides together, aligning and re-pinning the pieces to hold in place. Cut in half length-wise the amount of hem tape needed for the size of the piece .
  7. Lift up a section of the edge of the two pieces and insert a small piece of the hem tape. Using a damp pressing cloth, following the directions on the hem tape packaging to fuse the pieces together. Continue along the edge of the piece until all but the ribbed edge is bonded.
  8. Using the damp pressing cloth, press the entire piece to flatten any fuzziness of the wool felt to achieve a smooth overall finish.

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  1. February 23 8:04 pm

    So cute and clever! I have a beautiful wool sweater I’d bought The Girl…daddy washed it so it became her younger brother’s sweater…mommy washed it…maybe I’ll make a tea cozy with it!

    BTW, Vegas in May sounds like a fun time! I’ll be in Atlanta doing Maria Killam’s Color training =) I’m soooo excited!

    • February 23 8:12 pm

      I now want to make more felted wool projects. So easy. A bit of tacky glue also helps to hold the seams if not quite sticking right. And I’m thinking of adding some decorative stitching or trim.

      Oh – colour training in Atlanta sounds fun too! Exciting indeed!


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