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nice rack

March 2

I’m fulfilling my civic duty this week at jury duty. As I wait with anticipation to see if my panel will be called to the court as potential jurors, it is surely an opportune time to write some blog posts. I sat on a jury 10 years ago and I thought that, perhaps, the 1960s-era summons room at the courthouse would surely have made it well into the 21st century with the provision of wifi. Alas, it appears our tax dollars are too valuable or scarce to be spent on a present-day fundamental tool for communication. Writing offline by day, I figured I’d at least post this easy, yet impactful story.

Well, impactful for me.

It is amazing how the smallest of domicile organizational improvements can have a great impact in the functionality of one’s small kitchen. Fellow condo-dwellers know that our kitchens can be tight on storage space. Even the volume that knives can occupy in a drawer in a singular stack can be wasteful.

Yet the traditional counter-sitting knife block just doesn’t suit my style. The solution? A simple to install, sleek, stainless steel magnetic knife rack – I picked this one up at Kitchen Stuff Plus for less than $10. Tucked into a corner, it is unobtrusive yet at hand. And now my knives will last longer as the blades are no longer hazardously bumping and grinding against each other.

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