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architecture as text

March 6

In the last little while I have noticed a growing popularity in alphabet photography, a style of photography that captures the shapes of letters in our everyday surroundings. Taking this perspective of architecture helps one to see forms and details in the built environment in a completely new way. This perspective spawned an idea – capturing photos of the initials of my niece and nephews on my travels would make memorable and personal Christmas presents. And with my interest in photography and my love of old architecture, it would bring a whole new perspective to my trips.

So over the past couple of years I amassed a number of photos of letters from a number of different cities I visited over that time including London, Halifax, Chicago, Montreal, and at home in Toronto. The gifts were well received, so much so that one of my brothers and sisters-in-law requested their own initials, with which they grouped with their sons’  for a personal and homey art arrangement in their family room.

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  1. thebookladyca permalink
    March 6 7:22 am

    As the not-so-anonymous in-law who has this alphabet art hanging up in her family room, I must shout its accolades! Everyone who see it thinks it is so cool! My two sons love deciphering their pictures and they are always so proud to show new visitors to our home that their initials are up on the wall. Truly one of the best gifts that we ever received and a great reminder of the wonderful family that we have. On behalf of, PNF, KCF, NEF & MEF…thanks Auntie Susan. Great post!

    • March 6 9:14 am

      Ah shucks, thanks! I’m happy to provide such pleasure in decor to such a fabulous family. 😉

  2. michelle permalink
    March 6 11:11 pm

    I love it! What a beautiful and personal idea. I want some!

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