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the face of tissue box design

March 23

For years now I’ve wondered why facial tissue boxes generally lack any sort of design that might suit a modern interior. Kittens, waterfalls, and greeting card florals aren’t something I’ve particularly wanted to display. I’ve also wondered why many facial tissue manufacturers seem to be slow in jumping on the home decor band wagon and produce designs that homeowners wouldn’t want to hide with some sort of tissue box cover or tuck away in a cupboard.

However, Kleenex’s Expressions boxes now offer a number of more sophisticated designs, especially their elegant Oval line. And  working with designer Samantha Pynn and HGTV, Scotties has launched Scottie’s Style Contest around their line of tissue boxes that suit modern interior decor schemes,  where entrants can test their design skills by pairing the correct Scottie’s box with Pynn’s room designs.

Although these designs are lovely, for my principle bath I preferred an even simpler decorator look. A few years ago a house tour on an episode of House & Home TV highlighted a tissue tray and ring. I loved the straight-forward, functional, design and set out to recreate this myself. I found a tissue ring on but at $11 I thought I could do better. Originally I had found a simple metal ring at Active Surplus for a dollar, but I found it wasn’t substantial enough. My final solution – a wooden bangle bracelet.  The tray also took a bit of searching to find one of the right dimensions, but I finally I found this one of bone china at HomeSense for $6.99. Although a properly weighted metal tissue ring allows for single hand dispensing, I don’t find it a bother to hold the bangle as I grab a tissue.

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