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before & after: Robert & Javier’s colourful condo kitchen

April 10

Robert, my west coast friend, is handy and talented when it comes to his home, as I’ve profiled in a number of posts including his welcoming Vancouver terrace, his clever concealers,  how he updated an IKEA dining set, and the make-over of his first condo’s kitchen. Well just over a year ago Robert and his partner Javier moved into their new condo complete with some old decor. They set to work painting the walls and removing the stuccoed ceilings throughout. Corner windows offer some fabulous views of Vancouver’s downtown buildings and they knew when they moved in that they would eventually open up the enclosed kitchen to let in more light and offer a sight-line to those views.

Not wanting to wait until the full renovation that will hopefully come within the year, handy Robert set to opening up the wall to the dining area. He thought of adding some fun colour to the cupboards while they wait to do the complete renovation.

He asked Javier which colours he would like and was hoping for orange or lipstick pink. Javier wanted blue. So while Javier was travelling, Robert popped out to the paint store to get the brightest blue he could find, thinking it would be a practical joke and that he would tone it down later.

But when Javier came home, the first thing he said was ‘I love it, it is the same blue as the shutters on my mother’s country home in Colombia’. Robert knew he was stuck with the colour then.  Not surprisingly though, it also turns out it is the same blue as Bombay Sapphire gin, an ingredient in Robert’s favourite drink – gin and tonic. So he figured why not add some lime green to the upper cabinets?

Then, inspired by a print that Javier brought back from his travels, Robert added some orange accents to the palette making it reminiscent of a Colombian market. What started out as painting in jest took on a life of its own, but they are thrilled with the kitchen (for the time being)…a colourful, refreshing little slice of Columbia in their home.

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  1. May 2 5:38 am

    I admire their fortitude but this is too bold, even for me.

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