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homemade red wine vinegar

April 13

As red wine is one of my favourite beverages it is a rarity that there should ever be a heel of a bottle left over that won’t be consumed. However, a couple of months ago with nights out and days away, a bottle remainder was left languishing in the fridge. (Apparently removing the excess air in the bottle with a vacuum pump and stopper and refrigerating even red wine can help prolong its drinkability for a few days – wine connoisseurs feel free to gasp loudly.) So rather than discard the leftover wine, I thought I’d try making red wine vinegar with it. And it is easier than I thought – simply pour the wine in a wide-mouth glass jar, cover with cheese cloth, and leave in a warm place for at least 6 weeks (I left it on the counter beside the back of the fridge where the cooling system lets off quite a bit of heat).  You’ll know it’s done when it smells like, well, vinegar. More complicated recipes call for a vinegar starter, but this simple method seemed to work just fine. And as long as you keep a little bit of the original vinegar in your vessel, you can keep adding more dribs and drabs of any type of red wine to continue to produce red wine vinegar.

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  1. April 13 10:05 am

    Susan, this post is perfect timing. I sadly have some left over red wine in the fridge as well. I think I will try this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. April 13 3:35 pm

    Cool…I like this. Simple, useful, and tasty ~ something we are definitely going to have to try. We’ve made a few infused vinegars (some we liked, others not so much but they too were fairly easy to make). Thanks.


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