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self-guided, food-focused, custom walking tours

April 17

When travelling I often like to take a walking tour to help familiarize myself with a destination or discover something new about the place I am visiting, like this tour of Little Venice I took on my last trip to London. I even like taking tours in my own city of Toronto, for the same reasons, like this tour I took of Union Station, a building I walk through or past almost everyday on my walk to work, but about which I learned so much by taking this tour.

Sometimes, however, the timing of pre-set tours doesn’t always work with one’s travel schedule and I know I’ve missed out on some very informative tours in cities I’ve visited because of that. So when I learned that ChowBella Culinary Experiences and Concierge offers self-guided itineraries for food-focused walking tours I thought…’what a fabulous idea’.

ChowBella specializes in food tours in and around Toronto. In addition to hosting public, scheduled, walking tours that explore Toronto’s ethnic neighbourhoods, they create custom culinary adventures that you can do on your own time. Their self-guided tours are created based on your interests – simply complete their questionnaire about your dining/culinary and general interests (and any allergies or aversions) and they will prepare a tour that is perfect for you.  A sample itinerary that ChowBella shared with me included five stops within easy walking distance featuring restaurants and specialty food shops that are unique and offer something special. At a reasonable flat fee per half-day or full-day tour, it is great value for anyone on their own or for a group of foodies wandering the city.

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