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happiness to all mothers

May 8

Today is a day the calendar reminds us to convey to our mothers, and to those who play a mothering role in our lives, how important they are to us. I try to do that more frequently than on this singular Hallmark holiday, but if nothing else, today prompts me to declare that recognition out loud, if virtually.

So today I present a collection of floral photos I’ve taken on my travels and wanderings, as a visual treat for the woman I am so very blessed to have as my mother. Together, over the past few months, we’ve grieved yet continued to love and laugh, grow and give, and live. This post is also for all of the other very important women in my life who support, and encourage, and positively contribute to the person I am. Wishing happiness to all who are mothers and to those who mother…

A flower stall in a square in Rome…blossoms in Vancouver.

A butterfly in a garden on the Toronto Island.

Wisteria in Toronto….window pots in Paris.

Canola fields in Slovakia.

A flower market in Krakow…a water lily in Sydney’s botanical gardens.

Gerbera daisies at Toronto’s Allan Gardens.

Mother and child…taken in my grandmother’s village in eastern Slovakia.

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  1. May 8 6:48 am


  2. May 8 9:22 am

    These are beautiful — you’ve been everywhere!

    I especially appreciate your shout-out to “those who mother”. I have no children but have mentored many young writers.

    • May 8 9:36 am

      I too have no children but the younger set has a special place in my life as well. I wish you happiness today too, broadsideblog.

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