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thrifty finds…canadian vintage

July 1

Happy Canada Day! I thought an appropriate post on a day that we celebrate the amazing great fortune to be Canadian, and in reflection of my fondness of thrifty finds, would be to feature some vintage Canadian pieces.

Over the years I’ve taken to collecting vintage wooden hangers, and I especially like those that originate from Canadian shops. I love the strength and quality of these wooden hangers, especially those from quintessentially Canadian brands such as Eaton’s and Simpson’s, or from furriers that hearken a distant, different era (some with phone numbers that include the original prefix to the exchange name).

Some of my collection of vintage wooden hangers came from the closets of my familial home, but most I’ve picked up for about 50 cents a piece at garage sales and charity shops. I recently picked up seven wooden pant hangers at a Goodwill store for $4. Most of these Baribocraft hangers still have their original Morgan’s department store price tags. Baribocraft, a Quebec-based manufacturer for 80 plus years of home wood products including salad bowls and utensils, cutting boards, cheese boards, nut bowls, chopping blocks, candlesticks, salt and pepper shakers, and more, apparently also manufactured wooden hangers.

From research I place these at at least 40 years old, given that the Bay changed the Morgan’s logo to have a similar font treatment after the Bay purchased this small Montreal based chain in 1964, converting all Morgan’s stores to Bay stores by 1972.

Lately I’ve been drawn to using golden ochre in my decor and I was thrilled to recently find this Kenwood Wool Products, Made in Canada,  100% pure virgin wool vintage blanket at a Value Village for $12.99. Although it is marked as ‘moth-proof’ I am fairly certain it isn’t bed bug proof, so from research and a conversation with a former vintage linens dealer, I learned that a week in the freezer for any item that can’t be laundered in hot water should rid it of any unwanted critters.

Although the original satin trim had likely deteriorated and thus why a previous owner trimmed away the remnants, I’m still pleased how this punch of colour livens up my bedroom decor.

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  1. July 2 5:31 pm

    love this blog post – i’m also curious to find out what other people “collect”.
    Thanks for sharing your vintage hangar collection. Indeed, unique!!

  2. July 5 8:44 am

    Hi Susan – I have some old wood hangers from the family home also. I will have to check the names. What do I collect?……Hmm, I would have to say silk scarves. Some passed down from my mother, some from V.V. Boutique (aka Value Village), some found, some purchased on vacation.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    October 22 12:06 pm

    I’m trying to determine the age of my baribocraft pant hanger. It’s similar to the one in the middle of your photo and has red felt on the inside edge. Any ideas? thanks in advance


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