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weekend noshing…food truck eats

August 17

I’ve recently started watching the Food Network’s ‘Eat St.‘, intrigued, as I’ve always been a believer that good food can come from pretty much any kitchen, even from one in a truck at the curb. It has always frustrated me that any other large city in the world seems to easily offer more than the ubiquitous sausage on a bun that is the staple of Toronto street meat. It saddens me that the City of Toronto couldn’t get the A La Cart program out of the driveway. And apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way.

This coming Saturday August 20, wheel on down to the Distillery District for Part 2 of  “Food Truck Eats” , where you can pick up some tasty street eats from food trucks and other mobile vendors. Part 1 was apparently a success – perhaps too much so, for when I arrived at noon the lines were from here ’til tomorrow. Reportedly, a number of vendors ran out of food and closed up shop well before the end of the event. I had nary a bite. This time I’ll get there early, and hope that the parking lot isn’t so full that my belly won’t be.

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