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cosmopolitan textures

September 19

I have been to Las Vegas a number of times, and only once by choice. I’m not a gambler. I’m not a fan of the excess of this ‘Disneyland for adults’. I’m not a fan of the mostly over-the-top architecture and design. Although, I am a fan of the fabulous shopping at least.

However, on a recent visit for a board meeting, whilst on an early morning stroll up and down the strip  (when, for my short stay, I just couldn’t shift my internal clock back a couple of time zones) I quite happily happened into the new Cosmopolitan Hotel, named to Conde Nast’s Hot List for 2011. The pleasantly surprising, forwardly sophisticated, and uncharacteristically Vegas decor of the lobby, casino, bars, and restaurant areas, while still big in an only in Vegas sort of way, is a pleasing textural feast for the eyes.

Cosmopolitan textures are found on almost every surface from drippy beaded and bedazzled chandeliers, to Swarovski crystals encased in mirrored pillars, to sparklingly coloured terrazzo floors, to woven textures created from ceramic and wood tiles, to wool scale-like wall treatments. Best enjoyed in the quieter crack-of-dawn hours after the hoards of people have lost all their luck and likely their money, and the casinos are comparatively empty and calm.

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