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into the night: food truck eats part 3

September 29

The other day, while watching an episode of the Food Network’s Eat St. (well really listening to while multi-tasking watching TV, working on the computer, with a load of laundry in) I managed to pay attention enough to catch the host mentioning a list of major cities in North America that, due to municipal regulations, do not permit food trucks on public property – Montreal, Detroit, Chicago, Calgary, and yes of course, Toronto. Now, usually we wouldn’t mind good company, but this snippet reminded me it’s almost time to get out and support the food truck movement here in this fair city at the next installment of Toronto’s Food Truck Eats.

Being put on by Ontario Food Trucks on Saturday October 1st from 8pm onward, this is the third installation of a series of events that are proving to the powers that be that the people of Toronto really do want mobile food options that are fast and delicious. Part 2 improved upon Part 1 with more vendors and more room to roam.

Yes, some food trucks and stalls had lines from here to Sunday, but the majority had manageable queues that got me noshing in no time, including some awesome Guinness wings from Wingmee’s and fresh ceviche from Cava.

Being held throughout the same evening as Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, I’m sure Part 3 will prove to be just as popular; as the citizens of this fair city stay up all night, wandering the streets and venues in admiration of contemporary art and creative entertainment, their bellies will certainly be full with a stop by Food Truck Eats at the Distillery District.

Appetizer: Tomorrow, Food Truck Eats will be setting up a tantalizing sampler of what’s to come on Saturday evening…
Friday September 30th at Mississauga Celebration Square, from 11am to 3pm.

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  1. October 13 1:47 pm

    So glad to have stumbled upon your blog! We definitely have a lot in common… love food, fashion and design (although I don’t blog about all of them).
    In Toronto for Blissdom this weekend, and don’t know if I can squeeze it in this weekend, but a visit to Food Truck Eats is definitely in order for me! Thanks for sharing.

    • October 13 3:05 pm

      Thanks for your note! Ah yes, Food Truck Eats is great, but alas it isn’t on every weekend. Still just a few special events, and the last one was a couple of weeks ago. But hopefully, eventually, real food trucks will be a regular fixture on Toronto streets soon.

      Have a great time at Blissdom. I unfortunately won’t be there…do share any great learnings. And your blog is sweet!

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