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a mummy of a pumpkin

October 30

Even though Halloween is upon us tomorrow, I’m guessing many pumpkins have yet to be transformed into creative Jack O’ Lanterns. If you find yourself short on time, or might be all thumbs when it comes to plunging a knife into the unyielding orange flesh of this particularly festive squash, I thought I’d share a fabulously impactful idea that is fabulously easy to execute.

Inspired by toilet paper roll mummies, Karen (aka adapted the idea for a clever Jack O’ Lantern. All you’ll need is a pumpkin, black paint, toilet paper, and some googly eyes. Simply paint the pumpkin, let it dry, wrap it in toilet paper (leaving space for the eyes) affixing in place with glue where needed (note: higher-grade TP works better to avoid tearing and for better coverage), and stick the eyes in place. So cute, so simple, and so spooky!

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  1. October 30 1:23 pm

    Thanks Susan…I hope your readers enjoy this idea…it really was super easy and my kids and their friends have just loved it!

    We are looking forward to putting it outside tomorrow night to greet our trick-or-treaters too–hope it doesn’t rain!

  2. October 30 11:08 pm

    Amazing! I’ll send you pix of Aiden & Daniel’s carved creations tomorrow!!

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