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diy: glass pendant light fixture

November 20

Nearing the end of the year I’m pleased to have checked off another of my new year’s resolutions. Especially one that helps to shed some much needed light over my kitchen sink.

Utilizing a $4 vintage pendant light I found at a Bibles for Missions thrift store…

…and, with some hammered metal effect spray paint and electrical supplies readily available at any hardware store, I transformed the tired, dated original into a fixture I’m thrilled with.

Inspired by on-trend clear pendants with a vintage-industrial vibe, I set to work creating my own fixture at a more thrifty price-point.

Without a light junction in the ceiling above my sink and being that ceilings in a condo are concrete (making adding a new box impossible), I swagged the new light from an existing box just in front of my counter peninsula that I wasn’t using –  where my dining table should be; that’s been moved to the ‘den’.

All in I spent about $50, including $9 for the specialty spray paint, $6 for the vintage looking white ceramic socket assembly, $20 for a dimmer switch, and $7 for the sculptural halogen bulb that is reminiscent of the currently popular ‘Edison’ bulb but at a fraction of the price, and providing much more wattage.

Now I just have to find a fixture to replace that wretched track light…

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  1. Cara S. permalink
    November 20 9:23 am

    Looks great!

  2. November 20 11:52 am

    Impressive! I do this sort of thing often and it’s so much more fun to DIY, both creatively and financially.

  3. November 20 7:48 pm

    Indeed, DIYs are so creatively satisfying. Sometimes I end up spending much more time putting together a project than it would take to simply buy it ‘off the rack’, but then what fun would that be?

  4. November 21 8:21 pm

    Well done Susan! Love it!

  5. November 21 8:25 pm

    Thanks, Vanessa. It was a load of fun to craft. Now on to the next project. 🙂

  6. March 7 9:06 am

    Very inspiring!


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