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pink, blue, & green…& gluten-free christmas

December 20

For the past few years my holiday colour scheme has been a bit of a step away from the traditional, combining bright pink, turquoise blue and acid green into an unexpected and whimsical Christmas colour palette. It started a couple of years ago with a garland and wreath all tied up in lengths of ribbons.

Last year I added some simple silver wreaths accented with turquoise ribbons overlaid on gauzy silver ribbons.

This year I added bright feathery and blue conical trees, along with a glittery, reflective, light-up green tree that I picked up at the Muti warehouse sale.

A pink and blue mohair throw that I bought at a thrift shop for a few dollars completes the scheme.

Well almost. Christmas baking in coordinating shades is the icing on the cake. Or rather icing on the gluten-free cookies and cupcakes.

In previous years I baked and decorated what are easily my favourite gluten-free cookies. So easy, so tasty, and so adorable.

This year I discovered a wonderful, gluten-free white cake mix from Bulk Barn. The recipe provided is for a layer cake, but I thought it would work well as cupcakes. And it does – deliciously so! Topped with homemade butter cream icing and sparkly, coloured sugar in coordinating shades of pink and blue, these cupcakes passed the test of my young nephew and niece, who quickly gobbled them up with no hesitation.

Perhaps next year I’ll venture into a new yet equally as unexpected colour scheme – maybe red and teal or purples and pinks?

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  1. December 20 7:46 am

    Fabulous pictures Susan and I LOVE your new additions this year!

  2. December 20 10:21 am

    Thanks! Guess what I’m serving for dessert when you come for dinner in the new year? 🙂

  3. January 18 2:08 pm

    Great, cheery colour scheme. I am seriously craving cupcakes now.


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