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resolutions: retrospection & postulation

January 8

It’s a bit hard to believe it is that time again to look at the year ahead and set goals and aspirations. As I postulate my  design * cuisine * travel * life resolutions that I’d like accomplish or experience in 2012, let me also assess last year’s check-list to see how I did, and to see which goals are staying on the list.

* design *

* While I did manage to finally create a solution for that underutilized light junction box just in front of my sink peninsula in the form of a craftily refurbished vintage light, I’ll keep the sourcing of a main kitchen light on the list.

* I’m contemplating painting my kitchen cupboards to freshen up the cherry/maple late 90s wood. Maybe light shade on top and a dark blue-grey on the bottom?

(photo source)

* While I continued to mostly ignore the grey broadloom in my condo, I’ve started to dream a little more of a different finish underfoot – I’m in love with the large herringbone format wood floors found in many a Parisian apartment.

(photo source)

And I’m also quite liking the look of painted concrete floors.

(photo source)

* I did add a single painting to  my principal bath so those walls are not quite so blank anymore. Purchased at the Goodwill for $5 I’m quite happy with the look of this rustic little oil original.

I also picked up a small vintage office shelf  at a garage sale for $2 that I will paint and install in my guest bath, along with a mini print of Coney Island Beach by Mina Georgescu I won through a Design Milk contest during a design chat on twitter. I might pair it with this similar photo of my own that I took in Positano, Italy.

* I would still like to update my fireplace surround, am still drawn to the effect of reclaimed wood laths and am still looking for a source.

(photo source)

Or perhaps another type of  modern panelling?

(photos source)


* While I didn’t try baking macarons myself, my sister-in-law did with some really beautiful and tasty results, demonstrating that they aren’t too difficult to undertake. 2012 could be the year I’m inspired to try baking them too.

* I  did get into the routine of more regularly using my spiffy stainless steel Crockpot, including recipes for Dry-Rub Beef Ribs and  Beef Shank. And in the last month I’ve gotten into pulled pork, having delicious success with this particular recipe.

(photo source)

* I will definitely make more kale chips 2012, when Ontario kale is season once again. I have developed a serious addiction. Thank goodness they are good for you!


Pelee Island remains on my list as a place I have yet to visit, but I did enjoy an afternoon cruise on a hot August day out into the bay of another great lake. Sailing from Parry Sound, ON, the Thirty Thousand Islands boat tour on the Island Queen through much of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay is well worth the trip.

* I still want to visit the R.S. McLaughlin Parkwood Estate in Oshawa, ON. And I have just had the revelation that I’ve not ever visited Spadina House, closer to home in Toronto, despite many a visit to neighbouring Casa Loma over the years.

(photo source)

* While I did visit the United States a number of times in 2011, these travels didn’t include a visit to one of the nine States I have yet to see.

* As expected, I did hit the beach – a couple of times – in the Bahamas and south Florida. Just what I needed for a balanced and restorative 2011.

* I think a trip to Europe just might be on tap for 2012. Visiting Milan, Italy with Modenus’ BlogTour 2012 would be fabulous!

(photo source)

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  1. January 8 11:50 am

    Thanks for the mention, fingers crossed.

    CEO Modenus

  2. GLB permalink
    January 8 12:03 pm

    Parisan apartment floors look great…

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