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elements & principles of design at IDS12

February 1

While Toronto’s Interior Design Show exists to profile contemporary design for the home including furniture, finishes and fitments, invariably my attention is held by the presentation of these items in the creative booths and pop-up spaces that are found across the show floor. And this year’s show, held this past weekend, was no different – where elements and principles of design caught my eye at every turn of a trade show row.

An art installation of fabric strips that served as a textural video screen greeted attendees at the show’s entrance.

18 Karat’s products are always well designed, utilizing simple forms and tactile textures. Their booth reflected this from the flooring tiles made from galvanized metal…

… to the graceful streamers representing paint flowing from pots hung high above.

Metallic textures clad the outside walls Earth Inc. Designed Landscapes’ booth, in the form of panelling made from what looks like the sides of aged and rusted metal shelving units.

Corian’s elegant display of linear, lacy chairs were astonishingly constructed from a single sheet of this solid surface material.

Elegant texture was also found on this mosaic tile panel of cascading colours by Appiani, achieved through a custom design, just one of many options.

Linear, graphic, illuminated panels framed the setting for Moen’s faucets.

The books displayed in reverse on the bookshelf backdrop in the By_Lissoni lounge provided a creative, unified texture, although  doing so in one’s own home would result in selecting a latest read by lottery.

Sub-Zero / Wolf SNRG Lifestyle created two small-space living installments within their booth. One side featured a functional and beautiful rectilinear built-in wall unit.

The other side of the booth featured an even smaller space that seemed a little overdone in Pantone’s colour of the year – tangerine tango. The bold colour treatment with stripes and textures to match seemed a bit much, but the soft lines of the back splash tile elegantly provided a bit of a visual rest.

It seemed many a booth glommed onto the colour of the year, including Sung Outdoor, highlighting these newly launched pieces with accentuated resin wicker weaves.

Also accentuated were the louvered shutters, with the enlarged scale offering balance to the space.

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  1. February 3 8:35 pm

    Hey! I saw you were registered for BlogPodium (me too) so I stopped by to check out your blog. I love seeing how different bloggers focused on different things at IDS12 (see what I like in this post:

    Great blog. Strange question: are you Hungarian? (Your last name is the Hungarian currency, coincidence?) I ask because I speak Hungarian.

  2. February 4 10:43 am

    Thanks for stopping by! Blog Podium was fabulous. I like your post on IDS too…

    Yes indeed my last name is the same as Hungarian currency, but alas I’m not of Hungarian descent. My heritage is Slovak and our family name was changed ever so slightly to be Hungarian (it was Forin, or Forintova in the feminine) during the rule of Slovakia under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I’ve been to Hungary a couple of times and it is always entertaining to use money with my name on it! May I presume you are of Hungarian heritage since you speak the language?

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