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world’s largest chocolate fountain

February 14

I often ask people the question ‘if you had to live in a world without chocolate or cheese, which would it be?’. It’s a fun conversation starter and sometimes the answer may surprise depending on how well I know the individual I’ve asked. Perhaps against stereotype my answer is, emphatically, that a world without cheese would be unbearable.

So even though I could most happily live in a world without chocolate, the site of the world’s largest chocolate fountain on a trip to Las Vegas last year momentarily had me thinking not a creamy piece of French brie or a chunk of aged cheddar, but rather of nothing but this luscious, flowing confectionery. This willy-wonkaesque display at the Jean-Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio hotel surely sets anyone’s sweet tooth aching.

Featuring a series of melted chocolate cascades, this first-of-its-kind installation took a year and a half in planning and design. The resulting kinetic sculpture is a bit of a feat of engineering. Standing 8 meters tall, the contraption circulates more than 950 kilograms of melted dark, milk and white chocolate at a rate of over 113 liters per minute, holding a Guinness World Record for the largest chocolate fountain. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. February 14 8:43 am

    I would answer “cheese too”. Love cheese more than chocolate.

  2. February 16 10:46 pm

    oh. my. gosh!!!!! I’m with ya on the cheese though. I’d sit under a cheese fountain with an open mouth and a bag of chips. true story

    • February 16 11:03 pm

      Surely you jest? Where oh where, pray tell, is this utopia in which one may behold (and fill one’s mouth from) a fountain flowing of cheese? 😉 I would become a permanent resident if a such a land did exist.

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