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saf in chatelaine magazine: my experience with endometriosis

April 15

Last summer I attended a design industry event from which I left with the opportunity to share my story about my experience with endometriosis in Chatelaine magazine. Now how did that come about? Before the event got rolling, I struck up a conversation with the Managing Editor of Home Decor and Renovations magazine, Sara Duck. One of the things I enjoy the most in life is to meet new people and to hear their story. No matter the path one walks in life, everyone has a story to tell. Sara proved this notion to be true. While the conversation started with home design, it turned to Sara’s pregnancy and her story of the challenges she faced in becoming pregnant due to endometriosis and that she was writing an article about this for Chatelaine. She asked if I’d be interested in contributing to the article when I, in turn, shared my challenges with this condition that can cause a host of problems for women and be difficult to diagnose as the cause of these problems.

Despite the fact that as many as one in 10 women suffer from it, endometriosis is a complicated disorder that no one fully understands and is one of the most puzzling conditions facing women today. Since the disease mimics so many other conditions it can take six to 12 years to get a diagnosis. Endometriosis affects a woman’s hormones, immune system and digestive tract. Symptoms include pelvic discomfort; pain before, during and after menstruation; severe menstrual cramps; heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding; pain during or after intercourse; intestinal distress; uncomfortable bowel movements; lower-back pain; and fatigue. Not every woman experiences every symptom and some will have minimal or no signs at all.

Sara and I each travelled a long road of questions and discovery that led us to a diagnosis.  There is no definitive cure for endometriosis, but there are treatments to help alleviate the symptoms and help sufferers manage pain and fertility issues. And while doctors can guess a woman has endometriosis based on symptoms and ultrasound readings, the only way to know for sure is with laparoscopic surgery, an eventuality that Sara and I both faced.

Click here to read the full article (which appears in the April 2012 issue of Chatelaine) that chronicles our persistence and eventual success at managing this condition…

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  1. planetheart permalink
    April 16 2:53 pm

    Great article saf. Very comprehensive.

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