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dollar store spring planter

April 19

For the first couple of summers after moving into my condo, I approached balcony gardening with great effort and with many different planters. Over time however, I realized that the effort didn’t fit in with my schedule and the results were less than favourable given the hot, full-sun exposure and my challenge with keeping the plants well-watered. So a few years ago I purchased a large aggregate planter into which, in the summer months, I now pop in a ready-made store-bought hanging planter  (with the hook removed), and presto – I have a single, large, live display of gorgeous  flowers. To illustrate, check out my post about my balcony on styleNorth a few summer’s back.

In the off seasons, I had left the planter to languish in the elements with no foliage whatsoever. This spring, however, I brought some {artificial} life back to it earlier in the year with some dollar store finds.The pussy willows ($1 each), the forsythia ($1.25 each) and the boxwood orbs ($2 each) came from Dollarama, while I picked up a bunch of ivy at Double Take thrift store for $1 that I cut apart and twined together to create three trailing ‘plants’. The twinkle lights are a nice touch at night.

Although not a huge proponent of artificial plantings, these are all pretty real-looking-fakes that can tide me over in a low-maintenance fashion until the planters of summer are available.

(And in a related story – are you interested in making a DIY bamboo water feature for your balcony? Here’s how I did it…)

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