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bid at an auction…from the convenience of home

June 24

I love the concept of buying home furnishings from an auction – the thrill of the find, winning a bid, nabbing a unique item, let alone the environmental aspect of giving new life to existing goods. I wish, however, that I could go auctioning more often than I do, but working a day job and with often packed weekends, my schedule isn’t conducive to the hours and locations of when and where many auctions are held.

Enter YouBidLocal, a concept that brings the live auction experience online that was started by three auctioneers who  transitioned from live to online auctions to make it convenient for local consumers to attend and buy auction goods right in their own communities. Auction events include preview opportunities where you can  inspect the goods in person, or simply bid on items from the pictures and descriptions, with pick-up times set for after the auction closes. YouBidLocal has offices in Toronto and Kingston, Ontario with event staff in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Etobicoke, Belleville, Kingston, Scarborough, Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo and London. And because all goods are bought and sold locally, YouBidLocal helps eliminate the carbon footprint associated with packing material and shipping emissions.

While I haven’t made any successful bids, the voyeur in me likes to scan the auctions to see what’s available and what the pieces go for, revealing many interesting items at very good prices.

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