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taking a blogging summer vacation

July 17

We’re in the thick of what’s proving to be a hot, hot summer here in Toronto, of which I’m taking full advantage. I’m busy planning and taking much-needed vacation time from work, and with a personal calendar full of all the wonderful activities that summer brings – cottaging, family reunions, bbqs, patio time, jogging  lakeside, cycling further afield, seasonal festivals, fresh farmers markets, and lingering on my balcony on a steamy evening with a cool beverage (as I’m doing as I write this) – I’ve had little time to blog. So I’ve decided to go fishin’, so to speak. It’s a decision that doesn’t come lightly for me, for writing and sharing my perspective on decor, and food, and travel, and life is a passion, a creative outlet. But just as I’m making time to step away from work, to reset, so too will I from my blog. For a few weeks a least.

You can still catch my posts now and then at You can also ask me a decor or colour question over there now too, as I’ve just started offering more of my design perspective as a CIL Paints ‘Ask an Expert‘, well, um, expert. And before you know it I’ll be back here too (presuming of course I do stay away; oh, who knows, I might pop in now and then to quickly say hello). But when I do return at a more regular pace, I’ll be sure to have many more ideas, experiences, finds, and adventures to share. Including one adventure that I’ll either extol in or lament once finally home.

My summer will be capped with a flight out to Vancouver to visit friends and then taking three nights to return to Toronto by train on VIA Rail’s Canadian, one of the world’s most legendary long-haul train rides. The route travels through the Rockie Mountains, across the Prairies, north of Superior and south to Toronto. A unique opportunity to see a perspective of this awesome and beautiful country of ours. And it will be a perfect opportunity to unplug, as there is no wifi on this route and with the remote locales the journey takes, mobile signal access will be sporadic for certain. Ahhhhh. Perfect.

So adieu for now. And remember – drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, and have a great summer!

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  1. July 17 9:38 am

    Have a wonderful vacation Susan. I hope you blog about your return home with Via. That’s always something I wanted to do. Hopefully you will tweet from the train!! Enjoy

  2. July 17 12:00 pm

    Sounds like a lovely summer, esp. that train trip. Enjoy!

  3. July 17 4:39 pm

    Thank you for stopping by my bog – you are a fellow Torontonian who loves design and good food/wine! I look forward to your flea market finds and posts – I love a good treasure hunt – on a budget of course!

  4. July 17 10:49 pm

    Have a great summer! Can’t wait to see pictures from the train trip (hint, hint — please post)

  5. July 21 11:09 pm

    Oh that train trip sounds fantastic – enjoy!!!

  6. Michael permalink
    August 30 9:19 pm

    Hope you are having a great vacation, Susan…you deserve it!

    • August 30 9:28 pm

      Thanks, I am! It’ll be ‘all aboard’ The Canadian tomorrow…let the epic train adventure begin!

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