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‘the canadian’: the train is in the details

October 23

Although my posts and pictures certainly don’t do VIA Rail’s ‘Canadian’ train journey justice, I hope my posts help to convey what a fantastic ‘bucket list’ experience it is that can really only fully be appreciated aboard the train. My previous post featured the views passengers are treated to as the train traverses the country; this post focuses on the beautiful details of the train itself.

The Canadian was launched in 1955 by CP Rail. It’s design reflects the technology and interior fashion of the era. The cars’ exteriors are constructed of stainless steel, a year’s old construction technology at the time. The interiors, although recently refurbished, retain vintage stainless steel features and elements that reflect mid-century modern simplicity of design. Enjoy the details…

The car of my cabin, named for Lord Amherst.

My cabin, or roomette as affectionately called by the crew – a sink in the corner, a toilet under that seat. Double cabins are much bigger, with a separate compartment for the toilet.

A bench seat by day, and behind that wall lurks…

…my bed. It covered most the roomette when in place, but it was luxuriously comfortable.

The mirror makes the cabin seem larger. The storage helps to make it feel not so small.

Berth accommodations are separated from the main car aisle by a curtain. Despite the small size, I preferred my single cabin and its solid door.

Most cars had separate powder rooms (complete with retro makeup counter and stool) and shower rooms.

One of two dining cars.

Maitre d’ stand in the dining car.

Stairway leading up to the observation level of one of the Skyline cars.

Elegant speaker cover in the Skyline car.

Skyline car seating.

No caboose on this train. The Park car graces the end…

…with lasting views of the beauty of Canada beheld.

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  1. October 25 2:04 pm

    I’m so glad you took this trip — and shared your images. I recently found out a friend had also taken the overnight train from Bangkok to Surat Thani, both of us years ago, and we traded notes on how great it is to wake up in bed with the landscape flashing past. I also went from Seattle to NY by train and am eager to do more long train journeys. There is something really special about them.

    • October 25 5:25 pm

      I look forward to taking more of these types of special train journeys. I think I’m hooked!

  2. November 2 10:08 am

    Fabulous! Thanks for sharing as this may be the closest I will ever get to travelling on that train.

  3. February 18 4:00 pm

    Wow! I rode on a train with my daughter for a field trip and it wasn’t nearly as awesome as this experience! This looks so awesome!



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