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virtually tour historic hamilton

November 20

I have a soft spot for Hamilton, ON ever since having lived there over a decade ago while studying for my Master’s degree. Often thought of as a bit of a down-at-the-heels, small town, steel city, Hamilton is a treasure trove of beautiful architecture ranging from early 19th century beauties to some stunning vintage mid 20th century modern structures. Although preservation and reverence of some of the city’s amazing buildings and neighbourhoods has been a tough slog over the past few decades, there are supportive people who, like me, see the grace in this city’s architectural past and are passionate about documenting and sharing the often overlooked beauty of this historic city, allowing this Torontonian a mechanism to virtually visit and explore this city between physical visits.

Historical Hamilton

Created by an avid photographer with a love of history and historical architecture, this site showcases photographs of local historical buildings via an interactive map pinning buildings and homes located in and around Hamilton.

Hamilton HIStory + HERitage

Hamilton’s first storefront museum, this is a unique exhibition and meeting space that combines historical content (architectural, social and cultural) and new technology (mini-computers and flat screen monitors) to share the story of Hamilton, dedicated to celebrating the lives of the men and women who have helped to shape the city of Hamilton. Podcasts highlight past exhibits. The current exhibit, ‘The Grand Durand’ (on until December 14), highlights this affluent neighbourhood that was constructed from the 1850s to the 1930s at a time when the revival styles of architecture where in fashion and Hamilton’s economy was booming. This neighbourhood is one of the best and most architecturally diverse collections of pre-war residential architecture in Canada. Historical Hamilton has listed photos of these beautiful homes as a virtual exhibit on the site.

Hamilton Civic Museums Virtual Tours

Take a virtual tour of seven civic museums, five of which are designated as National Historic Sites, including Dundurn Castle – one of Hamilton’s most-recognized landmarks. Constructed over a three-year period upon a war of 1812 British military post on the site and completed by 1835, Dundurn Castle is a magnificent example of an early 19th century luxury Canadian home.

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  1. Arturo permalink
    November 20 2:49 pm

    Great idea to share this info about Hamilton.. I will make sure to visit next time I am around…congrats for you blog…!!!

  2. November 30 3:52 pm

    I just visited Hamilton recently and realized how beautiful this city is. TY for your info on Hamilton. Now I have more to see upon my return.

  3. May 29 5:19 am

    I fell in love with Hamilton and it citizens 28 years ago , I came for a visit, fell head over heals over the historic structures and architectures that are all over the city! I never left..been here since! I am now calling myself proudly…a Hammer girl! 🙂

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