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my latest post on talk.cil: blankets add warmth to decor

January 19

Happy New Year! I know this salutation is getting stale given that this is the end of the third week of January. And with the month two-thirds of the way done, I’m long over-due for another post. It seems these cold dark days of winter have found me rather sluggish with writing. Well at least on saf affect. I’ve been flexing my writing chops with CIL Paints, both on Facebook, and on the blog.

vintage blankets - andrew ritchie blog

(Photo: Andrew Ritchie Blog)

My latest post on talk.cil features a number of unique ways to use blankets and throws to warm up your decor. I’m personally fond of the colour and texture vintage blankets offer. I found this  lovely ochre-coloured Kenwood Wool Products, Made in Canada,   vintage wool blanket at a Value Village on Queen St. E. in Toronto for $12.99, which warms up my bedroom both visually and functionally.

vintage wool blanket

At the holidays, I pull out this pink and blue mohair vintage throw, made in Scotland exclusively for Sears that I found at the Salvation Army at Jane St. and Lawrence Ave. W. in Toronto for $3.99. And I confess, despite the coordinating Christmas decorations having been packed away for the season, this cozy throw remains, as it not only warms me through the winter it also warms up my decor.

pink blue green xmas throw

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    January 19 11:22 am

    Do you do any personal home design work at all? 🙂

  2. Michael permalink
    January 20 7:19 pm

    Love vintage wool blankets – so many accumulated by various family members with beautifully designed, stitched in labels of long-gone companies. We always kept one in our cars ‘back in the 60’s/early 70’s) when car heaters didn’t do a great job on trips during winters around Toronto. Have missed your posts!

  3. January 28 9:54 am

    I too have pulled out (from storage) my Hudson Bay point blanket and have it on my guest bed. I cherish this blanket as it was my parents and I was the lucky sibling who got it from the estate.

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