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all aboard: the model railroad club of toronto open house

February 10

1 MRCT - saf affect

When I finally ventured out again yesterday after Friday’s storm that blanketed Toronto with 30cm of snow, I didn’t have to travel far for a visual treat and a testament to the passions and hard-work of many individuals to create something quite wonderful to behold. And something that speaks to so many of my interests – travel, mid century design, old architecture, trains, Canadian heritage – albeit in miniature form. The Model Railroad Club of Toronto, celebrating its 75th anniversary, is nearing its last run at the Liberty Village location that it has called home for the past 67 years. The MRCT model recreates the feel of a late 1950s railroad, travelling through and making stops at over a dozen ‘central Ontario’ towns, hamlets, and ports.

3 MRCT - saf affect

2 MRCT - saf affect

A recent casualty of Toronto’s development drive, the Club is dismantling its stunning model railroad (the largest private O-scale train model in North America) in early Spring 2013. Plans are underway to relocate and begin rebuilding the model railway in a new location two-thirds the size, in east Toronto, beginning in May 2013. It will take tens of thousands of dollars and more thousands of hours to move and rebuild (donations are welcomed), all the work voluntarily performed by members.

4 MRCT - saf affect

6 MRCT - saf affect

5 MRCT - saf affect

The Club hopes to be up and running  once again in 2015. But before the move, the public is invited to enjoy the present setting one last time at the Club’s model railway show / open house, today Sunday February 10, 2013 and throughout the Family Day holiday weekend next weekend February 16 to 18, from 11am to 5pm daily. Admission: Adults $10 | Seniors $8 | Children $6

7 MRCT - saf affect

8 MRCT - saf affect

9 MRCT - saf affect

This is an image intensive post as there is just so much to take in, and I wanted to share so many viewpoints of the immense detail of the model setting that it was impossible to pare down the pics anymore of this special and unique setting, a piece of Toronto and railway heritage.

10 MRCT - saf affect

11 MRCT - saf affect

12 MRCT - saf affect

13 MRCT - saf affect

14 MRCT - saf affect

15 MRCT - saf affect

16 MRCT - saf affect

17 MRCT - saf affect

18 MRCT - saf affect

19 MRCT - saf affect

20 MRCT - saf affect

21 MRCT - saf affect

22 MRCT - saf affect

23 MRCT - saf affect

24 MRCT - saf affect

25 MRCT - saf affect

26 MRCT - saf affect

27 MRCT - saf affect

28 MRCT - saf affect

29 MRCT - saf affect

30 MRCT - saf affect

31 MRCT - saf affect

32 MRCT - saf affect

33 MRCT - saf affect

34 MRCT - saf affect

35 MRCT - saf affect

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  1. February 10 9:28 am

    Great article Susan…this is definitely one of Toronto’s hidden treasures for young and old alike. We visited a couple of years ago and loved it. One hint for those visiting with kids is to bring your own stool, it is a bit of a hassle but it gets so busy and there are so few places where young kids can see with out being held up it is well worth the effort!

  2. February 10 7:04 pm

    Aw these are heartwarming photos, I’m so glad you did a post on this. I was into model trains as a child thanks to my dad, and I have great memories of going to model train shows with him. I haven’t seen something like this in over 20 years!

  3. March 6 6:45 pm

    Great photos. We scouted there years ago to use in a film. I think in the end we built our own (much smaller) version.

    • March 6 8:41 pm

      Thanks, Greg. Indeed it is a special installation. It’ll be great to see it up and running in the new location.

  4. April 8 4:05 pm

    How I wish I could hop on over from France and take my 3 young boys to see this! I will bookmark your article to show them. Thanks.


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