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getting crafty: diy leather tissue pouch

April 12

Sometimes I get up to doing simple little crafty projects that, on one hand, are so simplistic that I think, should I be sharing this with the public, admitting I get up to menial tasks in my spare time? Like, really, does anyone need to know that I completed a do-it-yourself project that a grade-schooler could have done, as easy as macaroni art that only a mother (or myself) is impressed by? But then again, I know there are handy thrifters out there who appreciate a simple transformation of simple materials into something that is not only smart looking but practical. It’s like when in school, when you have the courage to ask a question of the instructor that you think everyone else in the room knows the answer to, but discover afterward that everyone else was thrilled that you asked it, for in actuality they wanted to know the answer too.

It is on this premise I share my latest project, a DIY leather tissue pouch for the glove box of my car, that looks a little like a flat, blue, unappetizing wonton appetizer, but works wonders for keeping my tissue handy and protected.

tissue pouch - saf affect

Something that is so minor in my life, but that now gives me such utilitarian joy to gaze into the once chaotic glove compartment of my car, once inhabited by a squished and torn tissue box…

glove box before - saf affect

…that now presents a serene scene of sublime organization.

glove box after - saf affect

And  a simple project to execute it is. I picked up a couple of leather ‘samples’ for $1.99 each at King Textiles on Spadina Ave. in Toronto. From the stacks and stacks of swatches of a vast selection of colours and textures available, I chose two in the same shade but with different textures for a slight contrast.

leather - saf affect

supplies - saf affect

Based on the measurement of the tissue, I cut each swatch down to 6 1/2″ x 10″. Run a thin bead of high tack glue along the wrong side of one long side of the first piece and overlap the long edge of the second piece by 1/2″, wiping up any glue the oozes out, to form the bottom of the pouch.  Fold each piece in half lengthwise to overlap on the top where they meet, again by 1/2″. Secure the seams of the short sides with the high tack glue. I added a detail of a grommet in the centre of the short ends, mostly for decoration but also for added strength. Once complete, just slide the tissue into the pouch, which is now protected and easily accessed through the slot along the top. Simple yet oh so practical.

tissue pouch too - saf affect

tissue pouch detail - saf affect

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  1. November 7 9:04 pm

    WOW! This is so simple and so awesome at the same time! Thanks for the post!!!

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