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diy: modern sconce

June 15

modern sconce diy off - saf affect

Living in a condominium provides a wealth of benefits including low-maintenance living. It also poses some challenges, like the lack of lighting junction boxes where you actually need them. Case in point –  my adaptation of my ‘dining room’ junction box for a diy hanging pendant light over my kitchen sink. This previously unused junction box resulted from adapting my ‘den’ in my open concept condo unit for use as my dining room, creating the challenge of how to light the space for evening dining with no junction box in the ceiling in this area. My solution: rejig a vintage goose neck desk lamp into a DIY modern, plug-in, sconce.

wall lamp room & board - saf affect

Inspired by this $375 George Nelson Cigar Wall Sconce that I spotted at a Room & Board in Chicago, I set to the task of creating a thrifty design for, of course, much less.

modern sconce diy before - saf affect

I picked up the desk lamp with painted metal base at a Goodwill thrift store for $8 and the long and narrow lamp shade at the now defunct Aristocrat Lighting for $20. The various lamp hardware, wiring, wall plug, and in-line dimmer switch amounted to approximately another $25.

Hung on one of the only free expanses of wall in the room, this DIY wall lamp sheds much-needed modern light on gastronomical matters in my home.

modern sconce diy after - saf affect

modern sconce diy after 2- saf affect

modern sconce diy on - saf affect

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  1. June 17 6:00 pm

    Great idea – and I love a bit of modern in every room!

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