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the story of my mid-century modern dining chairs

June 25

saf chair 1

A few of my blog posts on other topics have revealed small peeks at my mid-century modern dining chairs and it wasn’t until one saf affect readers recently asked about these chairs that I realized I’d not as yet shared the serendipitous story of how I acquired six of these unique chairs from two different sources.

I first shared the tale of these chairs in my first ever blog post as a guest blogger with styleNorth back in 2009. So appropriate it is that I share this story now, this being my 200th post on saf affect.

When looking to upgrade my dining set from my grandmother’s hand-me-down, I combed Craigslist, Kijiji and the mid-century stores on Toronto’s Queen Street (East and West), as well as hunting at Goodwill, church sales, etc. for the right teak chairs. Then one day I spotted my perfect dining chairs on Kijiji – a woman in Ancaster, ON was selling a teak credenza and hutch and in one corner of one of the photos I spied what were to be my chairs. I emailed the seller and convinced her to let me come take a look at the chairs, which she and her husband had purchased in Hamilton, ON in the 1970s. I loved the unique, carved backs reminiscent of Hans Wegner’s wishbone chair and I purchased the set of four chairs for $300.

Ideally I wanted six chairs, so I figured I’d pick up a pair of  teak chairs of another style and then reupholster all six in the same fabric. But then a number of weeks later, I spotted what looked like teak chairs in the trash at the curb driving home one evening. I drove around the block and was astonished to discover that these cast-offs were an exact match to my chairs at home! I’m all about recycling so I snagged the chairs, which sadly, were in pieces. I had the chairs repaired by Maple Leaf Furniture in Toronto, at a cost of $175 each, but it was absolutely worth it to have a set of six (and to keep the pair out of landfill). I then reupholstered all six chairs in a nubby tweed fabric I picked up at Vancouver’s now closed Textile Clearance House for only $5.99 a yard.

With the help of styleNorth’s  Chris Jones, who sent my photos of my chairs to Mike Goreki at Winnipeg’s Scandinavia Modern I learned that the design is the Juliane chair by Johannes Andersen, originally manufactured by Uldum Mobelfabrik and later, by Vamo Sønderborg. However, I suspect that my chairs are reproductions because they lack the required maker’s marks. But the fact that they are reproductions doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the chairs one bit.

Click on over to styleNorth for the original post

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  1. June 25 8:05 am

    Score! They’re gorgeous…and so much more fun to get chairs after a hunt.

  2. June 27 10:42 am

    Love, Love, Love! I must start driving behind you!


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