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keeping cool with home-brewed iced tea

July 18

We’re definitely deep into the hot, hazy, heat of a Toronto summer. How are you keeping cool? What’s your beverage of choice? I’m not a juice or pop drinker,  generally preferring cool, refreshing tap water. I do enjoy a glass of brewed iced tea now and then, but not the sugary, store-bought kind. I prefer to brew it myself where I can add little or no sugar.

With Americans facing an obesity epidemic with super-sized sugary drinks taking much of the blame, I find it surprising then that in almost every fast-food chain in the United States one can get a big cup of unsweetened iced tea. I am sad that in Canada, however, unsweetened iced tea is nearly impossible to come by. So as an alternative that’s thrifty to boot, I make my own in this handy Takeya iced tea maker that I picked up on sale near the end of last summer at Chapters for half price. Using loose or bagged tea placed in the integrated, removable infuser (particularly tasty is Bulk Barn’s Pomegranate Rosehip Loose Leaf Tea), it makes a refreshingly unsweet home-brewed iced tea.

iced tea - saf affect

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  1. Susan St-Pierre permalink
    July 18 8:41 am

    I just bought my ice tea jug last summer at David’s Tea. I picked up a pink lemonade Rooibos tea to try out iced just a couple of weeks ago. You just reminded me that I had it. I’ll have to give it a try today with this crazy heat.

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