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the royal yacht britannia: where the queen could truly relax

August 8

Early last month I had the opportunity to take a  much needed break away with a wonderful friend, travelling to London, Glasgow, Inverness, and Edinburgh. While we weren’t in London for the new Prince’s birth, another Royal did impact our planned sight-seeing in Edinburgh. As we excitedly approached the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse, we were unfortunately greeted with a sign stating the palace was closed for a Royal visit. While greatly disappointed that the Queen herself decided to be in residence at Holyrood during our visit, we were pleased she no longer stays at the decommissioned The Royal Yacht Britannia, which is now docked in Edinburgh.

Having recently marked her 60th anniversary, Britannia (touted as ‘Scotland’s best visitor attraction’) was one of the Queen’s most favoured and treasured residences, describing it as a place in which she could truly relax. Calling at more than 600 ports in 135 countries during its 44-year service, Britannia travelled more than one million miles around the world on 968 State visits. Touring its decks, public rooms, and private quarters provides one with a more intimate view into the Queen’s and the Royal family’s lives not normally afforded the public.

RYB - saf affect

RYB bow - saf affect

RYB starboard - saf affect

RYB port - saf affect

RYB plank - saf affect

RYB staircase - saf affect

RYB dining room - saf affect

The State Dining Room

RYB drawing room - saf affect

The State Drawing Room

RYB sun lounge - saf affect

The Sun Lounge

RYB queen's desk - saf affect

The Queen’s Sitting Room & Desk

RYB philip's desk - saf affect

Prince Philip’s Desk

RYB queen's bed - saf affect

The Queen’s Bedroom

RYB philip's bed - saf affect

Prince Philip’s Bedroom

RYB crew quarters - saf affect

Crew Quarters

RYB deck - saf affect

RYB port hole - saf affect

RYB barge - saf affect

The Royal Barge

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  1. August 16 8:26 pm

    Love those single beds! 🙂

    I actually went aboard Britannia when I was covering the Royal Tour for the Globe in 1984. My, my. Veddy glam!

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