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thrifty fall floral arrangements

September 22

While this week we welcome Autumn, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of green still to go around. And if you just look to your yard you can likely find some lush cuttings to bring inside to make some inexpensive, yet simply beautiful floral arrangements. Inspired by a stunningly simple arrangement my sister-in-law put together with just a couple of massive leaves from one of the hosta plants in their yard, I took a wander through my mother’s yard to see what I could utilize in some arrangements in my condo.

large hostas - saf affect

Each and every leaf on each and every one of Mom’s hosta plants were nibbled on by some bug this season, but the holes are easily ignored for the sheer beauty of these structural leaves, which surprisingly have a long life as cut greenery.

white hydrangea - saf affect

Hydrangea blossoms are a great show piece in any arrangement, whether in white, or in a pale green as they start to dry.

hydrangea - saf affect

One of Mom’s hydrangeas struggled this year, but the consequence was rather appealing, resulting in stringy blossoms that look a bit like an exploding firework.

garlic chives - saf affect

Garlic chives are tasty, and its white blossoms are beautiful. Equally beautiful is when the blossoms finish, leaving little seed pods atop delicate strands.

At my home, these no-cost cuttings (set in vintage and modern vases, placed alongside some quality faux fall tree fruits complete with worm marks and bruising, that I picked up at a Value Village store for $2.99), provide a welcomed green touch to my decor.

fireplace hydrangea - saf affect

mantel still life - saf affect

coffee table setting - saf affect

dining arrangement - saf affect

garlic chive blossom - saf affect

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  1. Annie permalink
    September 22 8:40 am

    Beautiful! You have inspired me to go collecting in my own garden!

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