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rustic, stylized, turned-wood ‘christmas trees’

December 15

nativity - saf affect

As there isn’t an ideal floor-spot in my condo for a full-fledged Christmas tree, I’ve employed a number of different stylized and petit trees in my holiday decor over the years. And I’ve just added a couple of ‘new’ ones this year, at $2 apiece, that I picked up the other day from a sweet little thrift store in Toronto’s west end. Operated by The Stonegate Ministry, The Outreach Store is a thrift shop that supports the goal of the ministry, in partnering with local businesses, community members and churches, to provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community.

wooden xmas trees - saf affect

The stylized, rustic quality and ‘unique’ shapes of these 10″ trees pair nicely with my vintage nativity scene.

turned xmas trees - saf affect

Like the look? Similar designs can be found on Etsy, of various woods and grains and sizes – tall and tiny!

The Gift Stall

(The Gift Stall)

Timber Leaf Studio

(Timber Leaf Studio)

The Outreach Store is set in a vintage plaza unto itself (primed, it seems, for redevelopment), with some hold-out mid-century modern architectural details and retro signs, and the ghost of an old Beer Store.

The Outreach Store - saf affect

Stonegate Plaza signs - saf affect

Stonegate Plaza - saf affect

retro signs - saf affect

old beer store - saf affect

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  1. January 9 1:19 am

    Love your trees and best part, no needles to clean up. I must visit this thrift shop. You are a great thrifter and always finding wonderful treasures. And I love that white lamp!

    • January 9 8:55 am

      Hee hee, good point Modmissy!

      The lamp, although it may look retro, isn’t vintage. I bought it new at Pier 1 a number of years ago.

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