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effortlessly clean that grimy glass cooktop – & sooty candle holders

January 9

While January seems to traditionally be a time of reorganization in one’s life and home, and cleaning is often left to the spring, being cooped up over this already long and cold winter has me paying attention the deep cleaning that needs to be done around my home that I can generally ignore.

Before the holidays I took to cleaning my stainless steel appliances with baby oil. I find this unusual ‘cleaner’ works well, but tweeted out an inquiry as to stainless steel polish of choice amongst tweeps. Storefront Life responded with ‘Weiman Cleaner/Polish and a soft rag’. Perhaps I have been living under a dirty rock, as I had not ever heard of this north of 70-year-old manufacturer of home cleaning products.

Shortly after I was browsing the cleaner aisle at a Walmart store when I happened across a number of Weiman products, including their Glass Cooktop Cleaner and Scrubbing Pads ($5.98 and $2.48). Now I love my glass top stove for ease of immediate clean up of spills and boil-overs, and had been using Vileda’s Glass Ceramic Scrunge pads with somewhat satisfactory results. But no matter how much I scrubbed, and I scrubbed hard, I could never completely remove the grime that would build up around the elements. And so I expected Weiman’s cleaner and pads to perform similarly (thus no before shot) but I am so pleasantly surprised with how easily and  with little effort all the grime is removed with this wonder!

weiman glass cooktop cleaner - saf affect

Then I got thinking – maybe there are other applications for this cleaner, on other grimy glass. Lo and behold, with a little product rubbed on and off with a paper towel it works like a charm on removing soot from glass candle holders! I had previously tried other cleaners and home remedies, and a lot of elbow grease in the past, with no luck. Again, with this product a clean surface comes almost effortlessly!  And while the manufacturer does not state this as a use for this product, I deduced that since it is designed for use on a surface with heat, as long as the cleaner is fully removed from the surface of the glass of the candle holder, there should be no issue. Just clean glass!

how to clean candle holders - saf affect

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  1. Annie permalink
    January 9 8:59 am

    Thank you, going to buy some today as I can never get my cooktop looking the way I want. I recently discovered Weiman products for our granite countertops… works beautifully!

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